Working together with contacts, suppliers and retailers to achieve business success in the furniture and interior markets around the world


With over 40 years of combined experience, the Global Origins’ professional team addresses the challenges furniture organizations are facing in a multitude of markets around the globe.


Global Origins derives its philosophy in management and service from the various interpretations of the terms global and origins.


Global Origins has traditional and modern experience in the furniture and interior industry.


Our team comprises business and market strategists, academics, senior executives and international managers with the ability to provide a global perspective using a flexible yet realistic approach.


Global Origins provides a wide range of services and offers for clients in the furniture and interior industry worldwide. With dedicated resources, long standing traditional and modern experience clients benefit dynamically across various aspects of strategic advisory, operative management and production solutions.


Global Origins guides its clients and consults them with mid-term and long-term strategies well obtained from expert skills and knowledge on what needs to be achieved and implemented.


Global Origins develops strong brands and market penetration from mainstream to luxury positions in many competitive market fields.

Network Expansion

As the ever-expanding network in the industry of furniture and interiors pulses forward, Global Origins is at the center of the client’s growth and opportunity in different regions across the globe.

Management Services

Global Origins has familiarity in managing clients’ operations across multiple regions.

Product Solution Provider

Global Origins works with industry partners to develop products and services that help executive management in organizations to deliver quality, value and design.


Global Origins approaches its work by approving, creating, and managing relations.


Global Origins’ approach to approval for suppliers, retailers and training for organizations comes from the core knowledge and expertise gained from successful projects, market research and leadership.

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Creation and Design

Global Origins has extensive experience in creation and design of products, brands and recognizing and developing valuable markets for potential sales growth across the global competitive landscape.

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Professional, concise and effective management services are at the foundation of Global Origins’ strength. Delivering measurable and executable results that bring success to clients’ agendas.

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