Global Origins Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 with the vision to become a premier advisory and management services firm offering furniture related products and solutions to all business channels of the furniture and interior industry across the globe.

The industry has demand for cohesion of suppliers, retailers, and a management services firm to steer furniture and interior businesses into the future.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the Global Origins’ professional team addresses the challenges furniture organizations are facing in a multitude of markets around the globe.

The company provides worldwide consultation and support for interior and furniture related businesses through client collaboration and its valuable experience.


Global Origins derives its philosophy in management and service from the various interpretations of the terms global and origins.
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Global Origins has a wide network of contacts, suppliers and retailers in the furniture and interior industry that are part of an approved and trusted circle.



Global Origins executives have operated in more than 50 countries while respecting, understanding and accommodating local culture, values and traditions.



With over 40 years of combined experience, the Global Origins’ professional team addresses the challenges furniture organizations are facing in a multitude of markets around the globe.


Broad thinking

Through strategic plans based on comprehensive vision and valuable experience, Global Origins has consistently delivered success to clients who see the big picture. Considering both long and near-term implications, Global Origins understands itself as flexible, responsive, unprejudiced and free-thinking, when working with clients.



Global Origins, together with its partners, has the great capacity to provide services to customers in all areas of the world, across many channels of the industry.



History for our future

Though years of success, Global Origins’ reflection of the past is important to gain valuable insight for the future. By stepping outside the box and looking at is as a whole, Global Origins’ perspective of the industry becomes affixed to the future granted by respecting the past, our origin.



Global Origins believes in reliability, truth, ability and strength, which are valued by clients and partners alike, by entrusting their business and work to us.



Keeping true to tradition in the furniture and interior industry, client and partners alike know Global Origins proposition to vanguard the network of industry across the globe.


Global Origins has traditional and modern experience in the furniture and interior industry. Through international exposure in competitive markets, Global Origins’ understanding of creating customized and strategic plans derives from their experience in the industry to deliver successful results through realized planning, implementation and measurement.

Through experience, Global Origins’ consistency in breaking new ground and delivering success to clients has developed key retailers, suppliers and network partners in the competitive market with valuable experience.

Global Origins’ know-how derives from many years of practical expertise in the furniture and interior markets with suppliers and retailers across the globe. By defining critical components of the industry through extensive research, Global Origins’ depth of knowledge and expertise extends across borders with effective growth, sustainability and diversity.

Global Origins works hands on with their partners and organizations in the furniture and interior industry utilizing experience and knowledge to derive understanding from operational and management level capacities. Recognizing the issues faced by organizations through evaluation and research, Global Origins has the ability to strategically implement solutions for stores and suppliers alike.


Our team comprises business and market strategists, academics, senior executives and international managers with the ability to provide a global perspective using a flexible yet realistic approach.