Global Origins’ approach to approval for suppliers, retailers and training for organizations comes from the core knowledge and expertise gained from successful projects, market research and leadership in the furniture and interior industry.

By sharing knowledge to suppliers, Global Origins enhances the ability to distribute effectively across regional and global markets with added value in the supply chain. Building stronger operational procedures and developing cost efficient solutions together with a circle of approved suppliers.

Retailers that are within the circle of Global Origins’ approved network can gain a windfall of growth with sales driven results. Developing strategies and future forward planning for retailers with implementable benchmarks to achieve goals through Global Origins’ knowledge and expertise gives retailers the competitive edge within markets globally.

Investment into training adds value across the corporate bottom line. With Global Origins’ approved training each component of a company’s organization from top to bottom, strengthens its ability to take action in the market with successful evaluation, development and implementation.

Creation and Design

Global Origins has extensive experience in creation and design of products, brands and recognizing and developing valuable markets for potential sales growth across the global competitive landscape.

With collaboration alongside clients, recognizing the potential of the concept to realizing the product through diligent research, effective testing and identifying lucrative market segments, Global Origins’ strength in creation and design has proven valuable.

Development of new products comes from extensive research and evaluation in the furniture and interior markets. Consistently finding the value to add within each market, Global Origins’ ability to create new and innovative products in the markets gives clients a strong competitive advantage.

In different regions, organizations, which have operated for generations, struggle to redefine the value of their products in their markets. Global Origins’ ability to create new markets, design innovative solutions and reposition their core propositions, revitalizes the organization’s top-bottom structure while re-focusing the product value. Market penetration across barriers that once were a challenge can be re-vested into more sustainable and successful businesses.


Professional, concise and effective management services are at the foundation of Global Origins’ strength. Delivering measurable and executable results that bring success to clients’ agendas in regional and global operations.

Global Origins’ experience in brand management extends to multiple areas of the furniture and interior industry. By leveraging innovative strategies to bolster presence and sales in many markets, Global Origins has a firm ability to produce results driven by knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

Representing some of the world’s most coveted brands and companies in the furniture and interior industry, Global Origins’ professional acumen in the industry benefits client’s agendas with precision decision-making and sustainable growth through interim management, whether short-term, medium-term, or longer. Through collaborative management with organizational teams and the wealth of knowledge, expertise and network, Global Origins can develop new opportunities for clients within a local market, regional or global landscapes.

Global Origins has decades of experience working with teams from a multitude of countries, cultures and backgrounds in the furniture industry. By leadership and extensive research, evaluation and implementation of team management, Global Origins’ dedication to improve an organization’s goals, efficiently, timely and effectively has been proven in the furniture and interior markets around the world.