Global Origins provides a wide range of services and offers for clients in the furniture and interior industry worldwide. With dedicated resources, long standing traditional and modern experience clients benefit dynamically across various aspects of strategic advisory, operative management and production solutions.

By servicing and collaborating with individuals and businesses of many sizes, Global Origins develops and achieves defined goals whilst ensuring the necessary balance between long-term aspirations and near-term performance.


Global Origins guides its clients and consults them with mid-term and long-term strategies well obtained from expert skills and knowledge on what needs to be achieved and implemented.
Our experience and know-how are valuable assets to our clients, as well as our broad thinking, trust, and tradition.


Global Origins develops strong brands and market penetration from mainstream to luxury positions in many competitive market fields. Built on strategic road maps for brands, Global Origins delivers a brand promise to consumers while effectively communicating clients’ brand values and personality, and supports as well as strengthens the overall possibility and the sustainable growth of new and existing markets for clients’ brands.

Network Expansion

As the ever-expanding network in the industry of furniture and interiors pulses forward, Global Origins is at the center of the client’s growth and opportunity in different regions across the globe. Contacts, suppliers and retailers are constantly changing with new players entering the competitive market. Global Origins gives clients the edge with concise market driven research, market understanding and partnerships across borders through key networks in multiple regions to drive success and value.

Management Services

Global Origins has familiarity in managing clients’ operations across multiple regions. Driving successful strategy and surpassing operative goals, Global Origins helps clients through effective and efficient operation, as well as executive training, streamlining process of operations and recognizing the effectiveness of management roles. Global Origins has the ability to strengthen a corporate ethos into a stronger working value.

Product Solution Provider

Global Origins works with industry partners to develop products and services that help executive management in organizations to deliver quality, value and design. With market research and evaluation, Global Origins can develop strategic products that identify market trends and direction, successful marketing initiatives, as well as product design and innovation that adds value to product features and the future road map for development.